2015 Maley-Wegat Zinfandel - Lodi



This Zinfandel was grown in the historic Maley-Wegat Vineyard located on Ray Road, just north of Turner Road, on the west side of Lodi. The 21-acre vineyard was planted in 1958 by the Maley family. The previous landowners, the Wegat family, operated a dairy on the site and also grew tomatoes and melons. The vines are on St. George rootstock and the vineyard is irrigated as needed via an underground drip system. This is a quintessential “west side” Lodi vineyard - fine sandy soil, low yields of about three tons to the acre producing unusually elongated and loose clusters of grapes. The St. George rootstock adds an underlying sauvage or wildness to counter-point the rich fruit. This character from the rootstock is most notable when comparing Zinfandel wines made from self-rooted vines.



• Maley-Wegat Vineyard, Mokelumne River – Lodi 

• Planted: 1958 – head-trained, St. George rootstock

• Soil profile: Tokay Sandy Loam • Underground drip-irrgation as needed.


• August 24, 2015 FERMENTATION

• Whole-berry fermentation in temperature controlled stainless steel. Secondary (MLF) fermentation was initated post-pressing and finished in barrel.


• Nineteen months in two to five-year-old American oak barrels,

• Malolactic fermentation in barrel

• Racked four times

• 14.8% ABV – pH 3.8 – TA 5.9 g/L – RS 0.58 g/L


2015 Maley-Wegat Zinfandel - Lodi

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