2017 Old Vine Zinfandel, Soucie Vineyard

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2017 Zinfandel, Soucie Vineyard

  • Classic California Zin!
  • Enticing red fruit and just enough spice to make it nice
  • Smoothest finishing zin EVER
  • Full-bodied but not too much…Hemingway, Dickens, not Tolstoy


Our winemaker, Layne Montgomery, has made Zinfandel from the oldest section of Soucie Vineyard since 2002, even before the winery was officially established. Owned by fifth-generation Lodi native, Kevin Soucie, the vineyard was planted by his grandfather in 1916.

Zinfandel can be a difficult wine to create; the grapes do not ripen evenly, bad weather and too much sunshine will damage the delicate grapes. Therefore, extra caution in the winery is required to bring out the best flavors in the wine.

This is a stellar example of Lodi Zinfandel. It is elegant and complex. We note aromas of plums, white pepper, pomegranate, red currants, plus hints of fig and vanilla. The wine is medium in body, silky-smooth, yet surprises with its depth and opulent flavors of cherries, strawberries and other bright red fruits. The finish is long and lingering and reveals even more fruit and berry flavors and notes of cardamon, clove, anise, vanilla and toast.



Soucie Vineyard, Mokelumne River – Lodi

Planted: 1916 – self-rooted, head-trained, unknown clone

Soil profile: DeVries Sandy Loam

Irrigation: As needed via underground drip


September 1 & September 18, 2017


Double-sorted, whole-berry destem, extended cold soak, average of 12 days active fermentation with three seperate yeast strains, extended post-fermentation maceration


Seventeen months; 80% new American oak barrels, Malolactic fermentation in barrel. Racked four times


2017 Old Vine Zinfandel, Soucie Vineyard

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